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Peanut Digger



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Chain Type Digger Shaker

With Positive Flow Inverter

Two, Four, Six Row Models

The Ferguson Chain Type Peanut Digger Inverter
is designed to offer the peanut grower the most economical and durable peanut inverter available today.  Smooth running chain conveyors allow the vines to be gently placed on the positive flow inverter reel. and into a narrow and uniform windrow with peanuts turned up for faster and more efficient drying, while protecting them from bad weather conditions.


bulletEasy Handling
bulletReduced Field Losses
bulletBuilt-In Economy



MODEL CD-96-4 four row inverter with 5 frame mounted coulters.  Adjustable 20 bar conveyor, sealed bearings, adjustable plows, gauge wheels, Double "V" belt drives, positive flow inverter, heavy wall tubular frame.


CD-81-4 with Positive Flow Reel Inverter Attachment allows excess soils to Fall Directly to Ground before the windrow forms, resulting in Less Foreign Material in the inverted windrow.


Excellent inverting!  Simple inverting system forms Windrows with tap-roots up. This means uniform Drying and that peanuts don't contact soil.  End result is that windrows flow smoothly into combine.


Over Fifty Year of Experience

Model CD-81-2 Ferguson Digger-Shaker-Inverter Tow Row with Adjustable Plows, Gauge Wheels, 20 Bar Adjustable Conveyor with CA 620 Roller Chain, Positive Flow Inverter with Center Coulter Cat. II 3-Point Hitch with 540-1000 RPM PTO Speed.

All Models Feature Double Drive "C" Section "V" Belt Drives with Heavy Duty Spring Tightener to Maintain Even Drive.

Lower Conveyor Idler has Clean Rounded Design to Prevent Hanging and Easy Draw Bolt Conveyor Adjustment, Sealed Bearings throughout.


Heavy Duty Rubber Bumper Wheels to aid in removing excess soils from vines.  Wheels have sealed bearings for reduced maintenance.

Single beam with double Blades result in less plugging in all soil types.  Angled beam provides smooth vine flow.

Peanut Lifter

Fluffs 3 Windrows Each Pass

Featuring Hydraulic Fold-Up For Transportations



Big Advantage in Both Wet and Dry Harvest Seasons

bulletRemoves Excess Soil From Vines
bulletSpeeds Up Combining Operation
bulletFaster Drying of Vines at Bottom of Windrow
bulletGentle Operation of Conveyor Leaves Inverted Windrows Intact
bulletA Must After Heavy Rains Have Packed Windrow
bulletAllows Combining Earlier In The Morning
bulletLess Foreign Material

Complete with 3PT. LIFT - GAUGE WHEELS

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